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Smoke Cleansing


To purify people, objects, and/or places.

*note: some information included in this post is from personal experience*

~ What is Smoke Cleansing?

   Smoke Cleansing is the action of burning herbs to rid of negative energy or bring in good energy to a home, person, or object.

~ Why do You Smoke Cleanse?

   The most common reason people smoke cleanse is to banish negative energy and evil spirits. You can also smoke cleanse to bring in good energy and enhance psychic abilities.

~ Tools and Why They Are Used

   Abalone Shell: This shell is believed to be an element of water, which balances the other elements of fire, air, and earth, which is why it is usually used to collect the ash of the smudge stick or to just simply hold it.

   Feather: Traditionally used because birds represents the breath of life as well as a way of connecting with Mother Earth and the Heavens. Turkey feathers are the most commonly used.

   White Sage: Traditionally used to banish negative energy.

   Sweet Grass: Traditionally used to bring in good energy and to call to the ancestors.

   Yerba Santa: This herb is usually burned to enhance psychic abilities.

   Palo Santo: Can be burned to banish negative energy, and also instills a feeling of love.

   Lavender: Traditionally used to invite spirits.

   Cedar: Burned to promote a calm and comforting environment, and to purify and protect.

   Juniper: Burned to cleanse an area, promote clarity, increase focus, and center someone.

   Pine: Burned to cleanse and renew, and promotes strength. 

~ How To Smoke Cleanse Yourself and Others

   Have an invocation and all tools ready to go! Invocations vary depending on what smudge stick you are using. Personally, I like to use White Sage for when I’m smoke cleansing myself and others, but you can use any smudge stick you’d like.

   Stand with the burning smudge stick you’d wish to use and an Abalone shell or fireproof bowl layered with sand sitting on a surface arms-length from you. Move the smudge stick in a counter clockwise motion around you to banish negative energy. Start at the head, the neck, arms, torso, and so forth. Say the invocation you’d wish to use during this time. Example for banishing negative energy:

“Into this smoke, I release all energies that do not serve me, all negativity that                       surrounds me, and all fears that limit me. So mote it be.”

   If you are Smoke cleansing someone else, move the smudge stick in a counter clockwise motion around them, and use “you” instead of “me” and etc. in the invocation. 

~ How To Smoke Cleanse Your Home

   First things firsts, crack open at least one window in your home so the energy has a way of escaping or entering (depending on if you’re banishing energy or bringing in energy). Have all doors to rooms you’d wish to smoke cleanse open and ready to enter, including closets, garages, basements, and attics. You can also use invocations (optional, see tips). Light the smudge stick and have an Abalone shell or bowl with sand layering the bottom ready to hold the stick and ash. If you wish to use a feather, get that at this time as well. Start at your front door. Walk slowly, really let the smoke marinate in the areas you are focusing on. Outline doors, windows, and entrances with the smoke. 

Banishing Negative Energy

   Traditionally, White Sage is used for this. If you wish to rid of negative energy, walk counter-clockwise from your front door. This motion symbolizes banishment. Make sure to smoke cleanse the corners of your home, this is a common place negative energy will collect and/or linger. 

Bringing in Good Energy

   Traditionally, Sweet Grass is used for this. If you wish to bring in good energy, walk clockwise. This motion symbolizes such. 

Using a Feather

   Traditionally, people use a real turkey feather. When using a feather, make sure to wave the smoke in the direction that you wish to banish energy or bring it in. You don’t need to worry about clockwise or counter clockwise motions if using this method.

Not Using a Feather

   If you are ridding of negative energy, wave the smudge stick in a counter-clockwise motion. This motion symbolizes banishment. If you are bringing in good energy, wave it in a clockwise motion, this motion symbolizes such.

~ How to Smoke Cleanse Objects

   Usually, people like to smoke cleanse objects they will have on their altar, or any divination or sacred tools like athames, wands, crystals, crystal balls, etc. You can really smoke cleanse anything you’d like to! Just remember to cleanse the object first. Have an invocation ready to go (optional, see tips). Personally, I only banish negative energy from objects. I don’t bring in good energy, mainly because I believe the object is now at it’s balanced and true form after being rid of bad energy. You can definitely bring in good energy into objects if you prefer!

   For smaller, more handheld objects, pass the object through the smoke several times slowly. For bigger objects, move the smudge stick around the object several times slowly. While doing this, if you wish to use an invocation, you can. You can say it out loud or internally.


   Do NOT leave burning smudge sticks unattended. If you don’t have an Abalone shell to hold the smudge stick or the ash, use a fireproof bowl with some sand layering the bottom.

   When smoke cleansing your home, try not to take steps backwards. Some believe that if you do so, you’ll reverse the effects.

   Collect your ash! It can be used for spells for protection.

   Have an invocation (a saying, or chant) ready to go while smoke cleansing your home and objects. You can make your own or use others you find. You can say these internally or out loud. I personally made my own short and simple invocations, I’ll use them for example:


          “Negative energy, I banish thee. You mustn’t stay, you must leave.”

Bringing in Energy:

“Positive energy, I invite thee. You’re welcomed in my home, belongings, and in                                                           me.”

  Different invocations will be used when burning different smudge sticks.

*If there is anything we missed, you’d like to add, or something is wrong, just let us know!*

xx ~ @chlovoyant